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How do I track my order?

Within two business days, your tracking number for the order will be updated via email or PayPal. With that, you can check your shipment on or




What are your delivery options?
Abandonedpings currently uses USPS shipping as defult shipment option. However, certain situation may arrise and a different carrier may be used without notice (such as UPS or FedEx). 


Do we accept exchanges?
Yes. Our exchange procedure can be found at our return policy at the bottom of the page. 
What payment methods do we accept?
At this moment, we rely on PayPal to provide a safe and easy transaction for you, as well as us here at abandonedpings. If you do not have a PayPal account, do not worry. PayPal will allow credit cards too. Simply click om PayPal and follow the steps. 
Do you provide International delivery?

At this moment, international delivery is not avaliable. Sorry for the inconvenience. 



Do we accept refunds?


Yes! Simply follow our return policy found at the bottom of the page. 



How long will it take for my order to arrive?


Time will vary for different orders. Please refer to your USPS shipping to accurately check real-time updates. 


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